Auteur(s) Rollins, Sonny (saxophone) ;Dorham, Kenny (Trompette) ;Johnson, Jay Jay (Trombone) ;Lewis, John (Pianos) ;Gaskin, Leonard (bass) ;Roach, Max (Batterie) ;Davis, Miles (Trompette) ;Green, Benny (Trombone) ;Heath, Percy (bass) ;Haynes, Roy (Batterie) ;Drew, Kenny (Pianos) ;Blakey, Art (Batterie) ;McLean, Jackie (saxophone) ;Bishop Jr, Walter (Pianos) ;Mingus, Charles (bass) ;Parker, Charlie (saxophone) ;Jones, Philly Joe (Batterie) ;Lewis, John (Pianos) ;Jackson, Milt (vibraphone) ;Clarke, Kenny (batterie, batterie, vibraphone) ;Monk, Thelonious (Pianos) ;Watkins, Julius (cor) ;Jones, Willie (Batterie) ;Farmer, Art (Trompette) ;Silver, Horace (Pianos) ;Hope, Elmo (Pianos) ;Potter, Tommy (bass) ;Taylor, Art (Batterie) ;Bryant, Ray (Pianos) ;Morrow, George (bass) ;Brown, Clifford (Trompette) ;Powell, Richie (Pianos) ;Coltrane, John (saxophone) ;Garland, Red (Pianos) ;Chambers, Paul (bass) ;Flanagan, Tommy (Pianos) ;Watkins, Doug (bass) ;Kelly, Wynton (Pianos) ;Ramey, Gene (bass) ;Jay Jay Johnson's Boppers ;Miles Davis sextet ;Sonny Rollins Quartet ;The Modern Jazz Quartet ;Thelonious Monk Quintet ;Art Farmer Quintet ;Sonny Rollins Quintet
Titre(s) Scoops / Sonny Rollins.
Editeur(s) Le Chant du Monde, 2009.
Collection(s) (Le Monde du Jazz ; 15).
Contient Hilo. - Down. - I know. - Conception. - Time on my hands. - Mambo bounce. - Shadrack. - Scoops. - The serpent's tooth. - In a sentimental mood. - The stopper. - Let's call this. - Confab in tempo. - Airegin. - Oleo. - Doxy. - Silk'n'satin. - Movin' out. - More than you know. - Paradox. - It's all right with me. - Love is a many splendored thing. - In your own sweet way. - Pent up house. - Valse hot. - Tenor madness. - St. Thomas. - Strode rode. - The house I live in. - Decision.
Indice(s) 1.3
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