The Grand Budapest Hotel

Auteur(s) Desplat, Alexandre (Compositeur) ;Schuppel, Öse ;Behrend, Siegfried ;Gnutov, Vitaly ;DZO Chamber Orchestra ;Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra
Titre(s) The Grand Budapest Hotel : bande originale du film de Wes Anderson / Alexandre Desplat ; Alexandre Desplat.
Editeur(s) ABKCO Records, 2014.
Contient s'Rothe-Zäuerli. - The Alpine Sudetenwaltz. - Mr. Moustafa. - Overture : M. Gustave H. - A prayer for Madame D. - The new lobby boy. - Concerto for lute and plucked strings I. Moderato. - Daylight Express to Lutz. - Schloss Lutz overture. - The Family Desgoffe und Taxis. - Last will and testament. - Up the stairs/Down the hall. - Night train to Nebelsbad. - The Lutz Police Militia. - Check Point 19 Criminal Internment Camp overture. - The Linden Tree. - J.G. Jopling, private inquiry agent. - A dash of salt (Ludwig's theme). - The cold-blooded murder of deputy Vilmos Kovacs. - Escape concerto. - The war (Zero's theme). - No safe-house. - The Society of the Crossed Keys. - M. Ivan. - Lot 117. - Third class carriage. - Canto at Gabelmeister's Peak. - A troops barracks (requiem for the Grand Budapest). - Cleared of all charges. - The mystical union. - Kamarinskaya. - Traditional arrangement : "Moonshine".
Indice(s) 6.11
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