Shake it and break it

Auteur(s) Bechet, Sidney (clarinette, saxophone) ;Morris, Tom (cornet) ;Mayfield, John (Trombone) ;Williams, Clarence (Pianos) ;Christian, Buddy (banjo) ;Armstrong, Louis (cornet) ;Irvis, Charlie (Trombone) ;Taylor, Eva (Chanteur) ;Armstrong, Lil (Pianos) ;Hunter, Alberta (Chanteur) ;Clarence, Todd (Chanteur) ;Ladnier, Tommy (trompette, cornet) ;Nixon, Teddy (Trombone) ;Duncan, Hank (Pianos) ;Myers, Ernest Wilson (contrebasse) ;Morand, Morris (Batterie) ;Maxey, Billy (Chanteur) ;Noble Sissle (direction, chant) ;Culley, Wendell (Trompette) ;Brereton, Clarence (Trompette) ;Dean, Demas (trompette, cornet) ;Burrill, Chester (Trombone) ;Passquall, Jerome (clarinette, saxophone) ;Usera, Ramon (clarinette, saxophone) ;Tolliver, James Buster (saxophone ténor) ;Butterfield, Erskine (Pianos) ;Miller, Jimmy (Guitare) ;Jones, Jimmy (basse, piano) ;Kirk, Wilbert (Batterie) ;King, Wilbert (Batterie) ;Banks, Billy (Chanteur) ;White, Gil (saxophone ténor) ;Brooks, Harry (Pianos) ;Spencer, O'Neil (batterie, chant) ;Caceres, Ernie (saxophone ténor, saxophone baryton) ;Bowman, Dave (Pianos) ;Ware, Leonard (Guitare) ;Turner, Henry (Basse) ;Singleton, Zutty (Batterie) ;Mezzrow, Mezz (clarinette, saxophone ténor) ;Jackson, Cliff (clarinette, saxophone ténor) ;Bunn, Teddy (Guitare) ;James, Elmer (Basse) ;Johnson, Manzie (Batterie) ;Newton, Frank (Trompette) ;Higginbotham, J.C (Trombone) ;Lewis, Meade Lux (Pianos) ;Williams, Johnny (base) ;Catlett, Sidney (Batterie) ;Roane, Kenneth (Trompette) ;Smith, Willie (Pianos) ;Aderhold, Olin (Basse) ;Warney, Léo (Batterie) ;Howard, Charlie (Guitare) ;Sebastian, Stubby (Basse) ;Clarke, Kenny (batterie, batterie, vibraphone) ;Foster, Pops (Basse) ;Catlett, Sidney (Batterie) ;Spanier, Muggsy (cornet) ;Mastren, Carmen (Guitare) ;Braud, Wellman (Basse) ;Jones, Claude (Trombone) ;Russell, Luis (Pianos) ;Addison, Bernard (Guitare) ;Braud, Wellman (Basse) ;De Paris, Sidney (Trompette) ;Williams, Sandy (Trombone) ;Hines, Earl (Pianos) ;Dodds, Baby (Batterie) ;Epstein, Jack (Trombone) ;Evans, Alfie (Clarinette) ;Adler, Rudy (saxophone ténor) ;Janarro, Mario (Pianos) ;Colucci, Tony (Guitare) ;Patent, Harry (Batterie) ;Levine, Nat (Batterie) ;Aiken, Gus (Trompette) ;Williams, Sandy (Trombone) ;Johnson, Lem (saxophone ténor) ;Shavers, Charlie (Trompette) ;Barksdale, Everett (Guitare) ;Johnson, Manzie (Batterie) ;Goodwin, Henry (Trompette) ;Dickenson, Vic (Trombone) ;Donaldson, Don (Pianos) ;Hodes, Art (Pianos) ;Weston, Fitz (Pianos) ;Nicholas, Albert (Clarinette) ;Alvin, Danny (Guitare) ;Davison, Wild Bill (cornet) ;Archey, Jimmy (Trombone) ;Sutton, Ralph (Pianos) ;Dervaux, Pierre (Dir., trompette) ;Philippe, Claude (trombone, banjo) ;Jospin, Mowgli (Trombone) ;Azzi, Christian (Pianos) ;Bianchini, Roland (Batterie) ;Michelot, Pierre (contrebasse, bass) ;Clarke, Kenny (batterie, batterie, vibraphone) ;Bornstein, Marcel (Trompette) ;Durand, Jean-Louis (Trombone) ;Reweliotty, André (clarinette, dir.) ;Singery, Yannick (Pianos) ;Pacout, Michel (Batterie) ;Longnon, Guy (Trompette) ;Zacharias, Bernard (Trombone) ;Masselier, Alf (Basse) ;Jones, Jonah (Trompette) ;Persianny, André (Pianos) ;Quersin, Benoît (Basse) ;Blanche, Marcel (Batterie) ;Clarence Williams' Blue Five ;The Red Onions Jazz Babies ;New Orleans Feetfarmers ;Noble Sissle And His Orchestra ;Sydney Bechet And His Orchestra ;Tommy Ladnier And His Orchestra ;Port Of Harlem Seven ;The Haitian Orchestra ;Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Feetwarmers ;Sydney Bechet's Blue Note Quartet ;The Bechet - Spanier Big Four ;The Sydney Bechet Quintet ;Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra ;Sidney Bechet And His Trio ;Professor Sidney Bechet with Doctor Henry Levine ;Sidney Bechet's One Man Band ;Sidney Bechet And Blue Note Jazzmen ;Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet ;Bechet-Nicholas Blue Five ;The All Star Strompers ;Sidney Bechet avec Claude Luter et son Orchestre ;Sidney Bechet et son All Star Band ;Sidney bechet avec Claude Luter et André Reweliotty's Mimosa Jazzband ;Sidney Bechet And His Vogue Jazzmen
Titre(s) Shake it and break it / Sidney Bechet.
Editeur(s) Le Chant du Monde, 2009.
Collection(s) (Le Monde du Jazz ; 7).
Contient Wild cat blues blues. - Kansas City man blues. - Mandy, make up your mind. - Cake walking babies from home. - Sweetie dear. - Maple leaf rag. - Shag. - Dear old southland. - Characteristic blues. - Blackstick. - Viper mad. - Jungle drums. - Chant in the night. - Jada. - Really the blues. - Blues for Tommy. - Summertime. - Ti Ralph. - Limehouse blues. - pop it. - Indian summer. - Lonesome blues. - That's a plenty. - Down in honky tonk town. - Shake it and break it. - Blues in thirds. - Muskrat ramble. - Blues of Bechet. - Swing parade. - Georgia Cabin. - Strange fruit. - The mooche. - 12th street rag. - Buggle call rag / Ole miss blues. - After you've gone. - Blue horizon. - Gone away blues. - Old stack o'lee blues. - Dardanelle. - Bechet's creole blues. - Les oignons. - Mon homme. - Margie. - Apex blues. - Dans les rues d'Antibes. - petite fleur. - When you wore a tulip.
Indice(s) 1.3
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