A piece of yesterday

Auteur(s) Stewart, Al
Titre(s) A piece of yesterday : the Anthology / Al Stewart.
Editeur(s) EMI Records, 2006.
Contient Bedsitter images. - Samuel, oh how you've changed. - In Brooklyn. - Electric Los Angeles sunset. - Manuscript. - A Small fruit song. - Nostradamus/The World goes to Riyadh ()(Live). - On the border. - Flying sorcery. - Year of the cat. - Almost Lucy. - Time passages. - Running man. - Merlin's time. - If it doesn't come naturally, leave it ()(Live). - Last days of the century. - Helen and Cassandra. - Trains. - Night train to Munich. - Marion the Chatelaine. - Laughing into 1939. - House of clocks. - Turning in into water. - Down in the cellars. - Mr Lear. - Katherine of Oregon. - Soho, needless to say ()(alternative version). - The Coldest winter in memory. - Denise at 16. - Roads to Moscow ()(Live).
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Indice(s) 2.3
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